Guidelines for research data

It's becoming more common that Higher Education Institutions, funders and publishers require openly accessible research data. One reason for this is to create increased understanding of and transparency in the research process.

National funders

In the 2016 research proposition the government specifies that "research results such as research data and scientific publications stemming from public funding should be openly accessible as far as possible" (see page 107 in the proposition - available in Swedish only). The effort to develop an open access strategy for Sweden is being led by the Swedish Research Council and National Library 2017-19, with the goal of full open access across all diciplines after ten years.

Today the big national funders (the Swedish Research Council, the National Bank of Sweden, Formas, the Forte and Wallenberg foundations etc.) do not include any requirements or recommendations regarding the accessibility of research data, or even the existance of a data managament plan. However, some individual funding calls may include the open research data requirements as a type of pilot project.

Horizon 2020

Since 2017 all projects funded by the EU Horizon 2020 project are required to make their research data accessible as far as is reasonable. The funders do take it into account if the research data includes sensitive information that cannot be made openly accessible, such as sensitive or personal information, proprietary or copyrighted information etc. The guiding principle is "as open as possible, as closed as necessary".