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Doctoral Thesis Publication

Here below you find what the University Library can help you with when it comes to publishing and publicly posting your doctoral thesis.

Posting - "Spikning"

All doctoral  students are required to issue a public notification of their thesis defence (a.k.a. viva) at least 15 work days in advance. As a part of this you also have to make your thesis publically available. At the University of Borås we do this through a tradition known as 'Spikning', which is managed by the University Library with help from the Communications Office.

A special 'Spikning Ceremony' is held at University of Borås Library, where you will use a hammer to nail your thesis to a birch trunk in the Library. At the same time it is made digitally available in DiVA. You should send a digital copy of your thesis to Signe Wulund no later than one week before the date of the Spikning Ceremony. The digital copy should be the last version with the cover page in pdf. The notification of submission of a doctoral thesis (spikblad) should be in a separate pdf-file.

Three copies of the physical thesis should be delivered to the Library. The recommendation is to do this at least five working days before Spikning Ceremony. You can send it by internal post to Signe Wulund, The Library. Please note that the Doctoral Student is responsible for making sure there is a printed copy of the thesis at the Spikning Ceremony.

To be able to post your thesis you have have both ISBN, ISSN and a handle-ID. Read on for more information. 


All doctoral theses published at the University of Borås must have an ISBN. If the doctoral thesis is published in collaboration with another university, then the other university may provide an ISBN. 

All doctoral theses are to be included and numbered in the report series ”Skrifter från Högskolan i Borås”, ISSN 0280-381X. There is nothing that prevents the doctoral thesis from also being included in another university report series. (Exception: not applicable for Acta Universitatis Gothenburgensis, the publisher at Göteborg University.)

Digital version

According to the university policy for publishing, all doctoral theses are to be registered in  DiVA. The ambition is that all doctoral theses also should have a fulltext version published in DiVA. To publish your doctoral thesis you need a permanent link (URN) which is distributed with your ISBN. If the thesis is digitally published by another university, we will create a link to it, to make the fulltext accessible in DiVA.


Information about ISBN, ISSN and URN should be printed in the doctoral thesis; at the bottom of the back of the title page and on the bottom of the back cover. The ISBN should be placed underneath the ISSN. The URN for the digital version should however be placed above the ISSN. It must be evident that the doctoral thesis is published at the University of Borås when reading the bottom of the title page or the back of the title page. The logotype for the university should be placed on the cover and on the title page. Contact the Communications Office for further information on layout.

Spikblad (notification of submission)

There is no template for what the so called 'Spikblad' should look like, but your thesis advisor or the Communications Office can provide examples of what previous doctoral students produced.


For further information on ISBN, report serie numbers, URN, the date for posting and more, please contact Katarina Engvall at the University Library.

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