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Plagiarism means claiming or implying original authorship of (or incorporating material from) someone else's written or creative work, in whole or in part, into one's own without adequate acknowledgement. It deals with e.g. pictures, text, graphs or diagrams. Plagiarism can be made by direct copying or by repetition without stating the source. As long as the source can be accounted for satisfactory, a summary or a representation of another writer’s piece of work is not considered as plagiarism.

A student who is considered guilty of plagiarism will receive a caution and risks being suspended from the college.

Examples of plagiarism

  • Copying a text from the internet, from a book or an article, without citing the source and handing it in as your own
  • Rewriting a text in your own words without stating your source
  • Paying for an essay and presenting it as your own
  • Handing in another student’s work under your own name
  • Copying statistics, maps, tables or charts without stating your source
  • State someone else's artistic work as your own

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