Reference management

Why is referencing important?

When writing a report, essay or other academic text, you should always refer to your sources in a standardized way.

The main arguments for this are:

  • It should be clear what basis you have for your interpretations and claims.
  • It should clearly state what is your own conclusions and thoughts and what you have downloaded from others.
  • It should be easy to find your way back to the source if you want to know more or check your data.

If you're not referencing correctly, you risk being suspected of plagiarism, ie that you present others' results, conclusions or ideas as if they were your own. Plagiarism is cheating, which the University of Borås takes seriously. Anyone who gets caught with plagiarism risk getting a warning or at worst, be suspended from the program. Read more in the Anti - Plagiarism Guide.

Different styles:

There are several types of styles for writing references. Different academic disciplins have different standards. Which style you should use while studying at University of Borås, depends on the requirements of the particular course.