Sound to wear

Welcome to the exhibition SOUND TO WEAR that allows you to dive into the world of sounds!

This is an exhibition in which sound is used as the main material and idea generator to create and experience fashion. The exhibition consists of the Sonic Fashion Library where fashion is revised from a sonic perspective and a collection of experimental objects, Sound-Tools, which are worn on the body. Sound to Wear is based on Vidmina Stasiulyte’s PhD thesis, which she undertook the research for at the University of Borås. In her research, she re-thinks and re-defines garments and develops new methods of fashion design through sound. Auditory perception and sound thinking, in contrast to visual perception and image thinking, fundamentally change how we experience a dressed body. The sonic expression is emitted through action; therefore, the action of wearing is the focus of Stasiulyte’s research. As a visitor, you are invited to try on the objects and explore sounds to experience fashion in a different way and conceive of new thoughts regarding what fashion can be. Welcome to an exhibition that allows you to dive into the world of sounds!