Rise and shine: Visualize your research

The library invites you to a presentation in the series "Rise and shine with the library":

With the software VOSviewer, you can create maps of your research area. All you need is publication data downloaded from one of the library’s databases. With the software, you can visualize collaborations within a research field, map often used terms, or look at how researchers cite each other.

Zoom: https://hb-se.zoom.us/j/66640642560 (restricted to HB acccounts via SSO login, the usual way we sign on to Zoom)
Language: The presentations will be in English
Registration: No registration required

Download an iCal file to add the presentation to your digital calendar.

Rise and shine with the library is a series of 20-minute presentations given at Zoom once a week at 08:15. Read more and see the entire program here.