Rise and shine: Read & Publish agreements – when do you have to pay to publish?

The library invites you to a presentation in the series "Rise and shine with the library":

The library pays for agreements with publishers covering many thousands of journals. This means there's a good chance you can publish an article with open access without having to pay. But when and how can you use the agreements, and when might you have to pay? This Rise and Shine session will explain that and more!

Zoom: https://hb-se.zoom.us/j/66640642560 (restricted to HB acccounts via SSO login, the usual way we sign on to Zoom)
Language: The presentations will be in English
Registration: No registration required

Rise and shine with the library is a series of 20-minute presentations given at Zoom once a week at 08:15. Read more and see the entire program here.