Conference theme and keynote speakers

”The Nordic Cultural Model” has been a point of reference in research for decades. The combination of Bildung ideals and social democratic welfare policies has been said to provide a particular terroir for cultural policymaking. Is this still the case in the 2020s, or have the political conditions changed?

The model has also been criticised for overlooking national differences. Was there ever a Nordic Cultural Model? If so, how can it been studied? In an era of globalisation and migration, it is also necessary to direct our gaze towards the Nordic context in particular. What is the relationship with that which is “Nordic” and the rest of the world regarding cultural policy?

With the words “revisited, rejected and reimagined,” we make way for a broad exploration of Nordic cultural policy, its past and its future.

Keynote speakers

The keynote speakers represent expertise on Nordic cultural policy and its past, present, and future, from perspectives both within and without.

Presentation of Keynote speakers will be published here. They will available in English only.

Anders Frenander

Sigrid Røyseng

Eglė Rindzevičiūtė