Plastkampen Borås (Fight the Plastic Borås) 

During the week, there will be "plogging" (a combination of jogging and picking up garbage); competitions for schools, companies, and private individuals; lunch lectures; and a closing finale event on Friday in which the winners will be announced.

Our goal is to collect 500 kilograms of plastic. 

We have created an online fundraiser for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Participate in the fundraiser (external link).

See which organisations and/or companies support the initiative (Link in Swedish)

This is what is happening during the week

Collect plastic

Help us collect plastic! Behind the Sandgärdet building, out towards the parking area, there will be a container for collecting plastic. We can accept all types of hard and soft plastic, but unfortunately cannot accept larger things such as plastic outdoor furniture.


Bring your colleagues along and "plogg"--jog and pick up garbage! Immortalise it with an Instagram pic that you tag with #plastenboras and #plogging. Include your best tip on what a company/organisation can do for a better climate. Then your company/organisation can win an hour's visit by a researcher who is an expert on recycling issues. Keep in mind that you must have a public profile on Instagram so that we can see your post.

Would you rather join us at the university on a "plogg" outing? You are so welcome! The university is arranging two "plogging" outings of about a half an hour each.

Dates: 9 and 11 April
Time: 12:00
Location: Departure from Akademiplatsen

Instagram competition

Take a picture when you contribute to Plastkampen and tag it with #plastkapenboras. Write why you think it is important that we work together for the sake of the climate. Keep in mind that you must have a public profile on Instagram so that we can see your post.

School competition

Which school class can collect the most plastic?

The class that collects the most plastic will win an hour's visit from a researcher who is an expert on new materials and bioplastic. Book a time with us to deposit your plastic; we will accept your contribution and weigh it. Email us at to book a time!

Lunch Lecture

When will bioplastics take over? Researcher Sunil Kumar Lindström Ramamoorthy will be holding a lunch lecture on bioplastics. He will speak about how far we have come when it comes to replacing oil-based plastic with plastic from renewable resources and what to keep in mind as a consumer. Vegetarian lunch wrap included.

Date: April 10
Time: 12:00

No registration necessary--first come, first served when it comes to the wraps.

Note: The lecture will be given in English.


We will have a finale for the end of our fight against plastic! Come and see how it went! The winners of the Instagram competition, the "plogging competition", and the school competition will be announced. Vegetarian sausage and coffee will be served. We will have musical entertainment!

Date: April 12
Time: 14:45-15:15; we will announce the winners at 15:00.
Location: Behind Sandgärdet, facing the parking area.

The weighing of the container will take place on Monday, 15 April, and then we'll let everyone know via social media how much money we raised!

Note: There may be minor changes to the programme.