The University College's First Senior Lecturer Has Been Appointed

 "Appointing Senior Lecturers is an incentive for the University College of Borås to dedicate more resources to research. We want to encourage out skilled teachers and researchers to publish themselves internationally and develop with regard to education", says the School's research coordinator Stina Sundling Wingfors.

The first unpaid Senior Lecturer at the University College of Borås is Margareta Oudhuis.

Her subject, the subject in which she teaches and does research, is work life science. On top of that she is the principle of CAV, the Centre for Work Life Science, which was founded in 2003. The centre gives researchers the opportunity to meet and cooperate with business leaders and other work life representatives, and thereby collectively contribute to developing both work life and education. Students are also allowed access to various parts if CAV's activity.

"The work for CAV and our activity has been of some importance to my appointment", says Margareta Oudhuis, "but education and supervision at an advanced level have also been of importance although, as always in academia, the primary focus is on research."

The Focus of the Research

Margareta Oudhuis has published twenty-something articles and reports. Her research cqan be divided into three subdepartments:

  • The importance of values, and their influence on work, organisation and individuals when ownership is moved abroad
  • Reasons for and consequences of various ways of shaping work organisation and production systems in manufacturing.
  • Cooperation academia and work life, for a socially sustainable work life.

The First in a Series of Appointments

Throughout history universities have always been responsible for appointing Senior Lecturers, but for the past few years University Colleges are given the same privilege. Margareta Oudhuis is the first appointment at the University College of Borås. Being appointed Senior Lecturer is a part of the road to professorship. The purpose of unpaid Senior Lecturers is to provide academic legitimacy for examination and head supervisor competence, but also to recognize the applicant's scientific and educational activity. The title of unpaid Senior Lecturer is a historical one. The Senior Lecturer will be paid, of course. More Senior Lecturer appointments at the University College are to be expected during the autumn.

Senior Lecturer Meriting

Unpaid Senior Lecturers are expected to work towards good research environments and be of use in the activity at the University College of Borås. The applicant is required to be a PhD or the equivalent and consider himself/herself to meet the requirements for a Senior Lecturer in a certain subject at the University College of Borås. Someone who has been appointed a Senior Lecturer in the same subject at another school is normally not given the appointment at the University College of Borås. It is not possible to appeal the appointment decision to a higher instance.

Contact the research coordinator for more information.

Shortly About the Procedure

Application to Appointment Committee - Application Committee (recommendation) - Board of Research and Education/The Teacher's Educational Board makes a decision about whether or not to appoint the applicant to the position in question.