Order interlibrary loans directly in LIBRIS

All that is required is that you in LIBRIS make a setting of your favourite library.
To do this go to LIBRIS website, choose "Cutomize", select "My Libraries"
and make your setting. As the favourite, it is good to choose the library that you
normally use.

Once you've made your choice of favourite library, your favourite library is listed among
the top libraries when you look at a searched book. You can see information like: how many copies are there of the book, where the book is shelfed and if the book is available for a loan in your library.

If the book is not in the stock of your favourite library, you can order an interlibrary loan. To obtain an interlibrary loan, click on "ILL" which can be found under the tab "Get it", then "Beställningsformulär" and you are sent to the login page for our interlibrary loan form. Once logged in you will notice that the form is filled out with information about the book you have chosen!

This works due to a cookie is placed on your computer. If you set your browser to clear the history when it shuts down, you may need to make the setting again when you want to use the feature next time.