English Café kicked off Thursday evening

The head of the café, Jasmin Mortazavi, described the café as a place where students can go to partake in activities to improve their English, meet new people, and have fun. “We are planning activities which are improving our English”, said Jasmin. “We are trying to provide the raw materials for creativity; critical thinking and productive discussions as well as ways to have fun in all the sessions. As students come from different countries they are forced to use English for communicating. I think they are looking for a situation for improving their language as well to have fun and meet new people.”

In addition to having a place to relax and speak with other students, the participants were even treated to free snacks and drinks and food at a reasonable price. The organisers of the café put in a lot of work to make sure things went smoothly and to advertise the café so that everyone knew about it. Jasmin also explained why she enjoys running the café. “The first thing that I really like about it is that I can meet new people and communicate with them.  I really like socializing and it gives me energy. I also think it’s a very good opportunity for me to improve my language.”

When asked about their future plans Jasmin announced that the organisers have more ideas they plan to implement in the future.

“I am trying to have 5 different activities in each session so that students don’t get bored. We are also planning to arrange a party or something special in last session before the New Year. I think New Year’s Eve is a good situation for all of us to come back with new ideas. We are thinking about extending our activity to outside the university, not only the students.”

The University would like to thank the organisers of the English Café for their great work in giving international students and local students a place to hang out and get to know each other.