One Step Closer to the StudentCenter

A long counter stretches along one of the walls. Right now the room is pretty empty, but next year work will commence. This is where the University's students will be able to get printouts of their grades among other things. Parts of the departments have been moved to the StudentCenter in order to simplify for and aid the students.

- I am really looking forward to being able to start, says Agneta Karlsson.

- This has been talked about for years, and it feels nice to be able to provide the students with combined services.

The Janitor's Office is Moving

StudentCenter will open during spring semester. All through the year, the range of services will be extended, and at first exams will be handled. But the first office to move is the janitor's, which is closed as of Friday the 14th of November. Monday the 17th marked the reopening, in a new office, which is on the third floor, in the B corridor (by “studenttorget”).

The office is for the time being open Monday through Friday from 9am-9.30am, 11.30am-12.15pm and 1pm-2pm.