The Rector Remains in Place

Lena Nordholm's present tenure as rector of the University of Borås stretches from the second of March of 2006 until the 31st of July in 2009.

She describes her job as the best she's had. It is the opportunity of working with change, getting things done and having the pleasure of being surrounded by able coworkers that makes her want to remain in her present position. Therefore it feels particularly nice, she thinks, that a unanimous board along with teachers, other employees, and students have decided to prolong her tenure by another two years.

"We are very pleased that she wants to continue on this journey towards becoming a professions seat of learning, and be able to finalise the vision she has been working for," says board chairman Maria Leissner.

The fact that Lena Nordholm is approaching 67, the maximum allowed age for public servants, is not viewed as an obstacle to the government's approval of the board's decision on prolongation in Maria Leissner's eyes.

"There are precedents where rectors have been allowed to work until the age of 67," she concludes.

Not Alone at the Top

"Not long ago there were more rectors named Leif than there were female rectors," is Lena Nordholm's joking answer to a question about female rectorship. Since about two years back the situation is entirely different, 40 per cent of the rectors at universities across the country are now female. Renowned seats of learning such as Chalmers Institute of Technology, the University of Gothenburg and the University of Karlstad all have female rectors.

"We have a powerful network," Lena Nordholm says about what female representation means to operations. "In addition I am surrounded by the University's own rector group, and as a team we work very well so it is never lonely at the top," she says with a smile.