New books in Knovel Library

Information about each title.

Patty's Toxicology (5:th ed.) Volumes 1-8

This new 5:th edition offers toxicological data on industrial chemicals that pose potential health hazards to workers. It features a revised format and reorganization of material, and illustrates how the field of toxicology has developed. It also examines the evolution, recognition and control of workplace hazards.

Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials (11:th ed.) Volumes 1-3

The 11:th edition provides an essential, up-to-date resource for professionals in industrial hygiene, safety, emergency response, law, and policymaking. 

The new titles in Knovel can be found through our start page, see the entry Search information, then choose Databases, then choose for instance List of databases A-Ö and click "Knovel Library" in the list. Each respective title can be searched in Knovel Library: Patty's Toxicology or Sax's Dangerous Properties of Industrial Materials.