MaNet Nominated for Equality Award

For the first time a network has been nominated for the United Student Unions of Sweden (SFS) Equality Award.

“I feel extremely honoured,” says MaNet founder Fredric Gieth.

Should the MaNet win, the network will get to attend the SFS banquet in Karlstad in May. The win would chiefly be honorable, and Fredric Gieth likes that.

“Should we win, our work would be taken more seriously than before. A win would also be an excellent basis for applying for project funding.”

“A win would also mean a lot to the students that are active in MaNet. They have devoted a lot of time and energy to the network, and now they’ll really notice that the local efforts have national repercussions.”

The purpose of the award, according to SFS, is to give attention to people and organizations working for increased quality in the world of higher studies. Last year the former Minister of Education, Carl Tham, won the award.

Apart from the nomination, MaNet is mentioned in the new report from the Swedish National Agency for Higher Education, ‘Man skall bli lärare’ (‘One Should Become a Teacher’), which focuses on the unequal gender distribution in teacher education. In January, the Agency met MaNet for an-depth interview, which is now the basis of the report. See previous article about the subject or read more at the Agency’s website. (