A new web portal may solve the accommodation problem

The portal has been inspired by Boplats Göteborg tells Linda Rydh and Anna Haggård who are employed temporarily at the university to work with the portal and to help new students find accommodation.

- The demand for available private rooms and second-hand accommodation is very large right now, says Linda and Anna, before adding that students who come from outside of Sweden have a particular need of assistance when looking for accommodation because information is so often in Swedish.


The portal BoråsBo allows private people to sublet an apartment or to find a roommate without paying anything to advertise. The webpage is administered by Bostad Borås and the university and it is available in both English and Swedish.

- It allows international students to begin searching for accommodation from their home country, explains Linda Rydh.

She tells that Boplats Göteborg created a similar portal for international students last year.

It was a success and all international students were able to find a place to live by the start of the term. Our hope is that we can have similar results here in Borås.

To leave an ad in BoråsBo you should go to www.boras.se/borasbo chose “English” then select “Create ad”. You can then create an account, fill in your contact details and information about your room. The ad will then be published within a few days. If you need help publishing an ad on BoråsBo you can create Bostad Borås or the university accommodation administrator.