New Issue of Swedish Library Research


Raoul J. Granqvist’s well-illustrated and interesting article is based on a study of the world views expressed through the collection of the nineteenth century Finnish subscription library, Läsesällskapet i Gamlakarleby, that was active during Russian rule in the period 1800to about 1870.

In his article on information literacy Ola Pilerot analyses the ways in which students from two different disciplines use information by comparing the bibliographic references in essays written by design engineering students and nursing students. This leads to a discussion on how information-literacy education can be developed by taking disciplinary traits into account in the planning stages.

Catarina Eriksson and Angela Zetterlund have written an article on “Swedish library geography”. The article is an overview of the sector including basic institutions, organisational elements, the main actors and the relations between them.

The issue is completed with Skans Kersti Nisson’s review of a doctoral thesis by Cecilie Naper at the Department of Journalism and Library and Information Science at OsloUniversity. The English title of the thesis, roughly translated, is Women, reading and fascination: best-sellers in libraries and bookstalls. The thesis takes a departure point in Janice Radway’s study, Reading the romance (1984), on women’s reading of romantic literature.

The issue is available via the Swedish School of Library and Information Science web-page.