PsYoungSupport Nominated for health care information technology prize

PsYoung Support is one of ten finalists for this year's edition of healthcare IT price. starting field previously consisted of 32 contributions, but now remains only 10 grants. What they call the winners in the various classes depend on the care Awards on December 9.

The overall objective of the research project PS Young Support is evaluating ICT interventions (information and communication technologies-logical) in the form of information and support to young people who have a loved one as poor psychological health.
The goal is to develop an interactive web portal containing information and links. It is also possible to communicate with other people via the web portal. Communication to happen in both the "sealed room" that is only connected to group members in a larger forum. The teams should consist of people in similar situations and "mentor" with health care professionals.

InnovationLab are responsible for the technical part of your research project PS Young