Professor Julie Allan to Borås

For two years Julie Allan will be a guest of the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences for 10 per cent of her time. That means that she will make frequent visits to the School, where she will be holding special lectures and working with the School’s own researchers. The visits are something everyone is looking forward to.

A School for All

With her from the University of Sterling, Julie Allan brings a solid research background and a series of published dissertations and books. Her latest published book s called ‘Doing Inclusive Research’ which also features co-writer Roger Slee.
The ‘Inclusive Education’ part is dear to Julie Allan, and is the subject of most of her research. In this context, inclusive education means “a school for all”. It is about countering segregation and including all students when teaching, not excluding anyone on the basis of handicap, special needs or social preconditions.

Hoping for Snow

Julie Allan is not intimidated by the Swedish winter weather, on the contrary.
“I love it,” she says. “I brought a pair of big boots along, but just missed the snow. I managed to see traces of it through the random ice patch.”
This time around, Julie Allan is in Borås for two days, lecturing about inclusive education as well as children’s rights.
She has already made herself at home in her new office at the School, and has managed to pick up a few words of Swedish. There is still a lot to learn, and Julie Allan is looking forward to it.
When she returns in January and February there is promise of much more snow and ice.