StudentCentre Inaugurated

The new unit is a combination of the student desks at each school and thereby coordinates administration for the whole university.

“One advantage with the StudentCentre is more open hours,” says Agneta Karlsson , one coordinator who form the new administrative unit, along with three colleagues and the janitor’s office.

The StudentCentre’s main tasks will be handing out of exams, certificates, forms, information material, Ladok print-outs, entry cards and selling compendia and reports, booking exam rooms, computer support, equipment lending and printing of theses. The new centre will take some of the load of the administrative staff at the respective schools, and will contribute to better resource allocation, according to Agneta Karlsson.

“The subject specific knowledge about entry requirements and counseling will remain at the schools,” she says.

In the long term the StudentCentre aims at being united with Student Services, where thew Student Health Office and the international coordinator are.

“We want to be able to provide good service and to put the student in the centre. That is our objective,” says Agneta Karlsson.

Open hours:
Monday 9:00-18:30
Tuesday 9:00-16:00
Wednesday 9:00-18:30
Thursday 9:00-16:00
Friday 9:00-14:30

Phone hours:
Monday – Friday 10:00 -12:00
Phone: 033-435 4550