Cultural week gives students a taste of Persia

The planning committee, led by Mehdi Ehsani Fatmehsari, an MSc student at the School of Engineering in Sustainable Technology organized the week to display Iranian culture for other students and staff at the university.

The opening ceremony on Monday featured traditional Iranian dance and music, a speech informing about the country of Iran including her history and culture, and traditional food and drink from the northern part of the country.

Students treated to traditional dance and foods

Before students sampled the various foods being offered, the onlookers were treated to a traditional dance called Ghasem Abad by Elham Alipourfallahpasand, an MSc student at the School of Engineering in Quality & Environmental Management.
– Ghasem Abadi is a dance from the northern part of Iran named after a city of the same name. The traditional dress I wore are related to the dance and considered a part of it, says Elham Alipourfallahpasand.
– The dance is often performed during weddings and other ceremonies and reflects the farming of the northern people from Iran. The dance mirrors how rice seeds are spread and how they transplant and harvest the crop, continues Elham Alipourfallahpasand.

On Tuesday night the students showed a movie called Half Moon in the Student Corps café that was free of charge. The movie is directed by Bahman Ghobadi who won an award at the Cannes festival for a movie titled A Time for Drunken Horses.

Mehdi Ehsani Fatmehsari was motivated to organize the event to show Persian culture for other students and to give people another picture of Iran that he feels is not displayed in the media.
– I think our main motivator for the week was our rich 5 000 year culture. Most people’s view of Iran comes from the mass media, but the country is not just about our president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, says Mehdi Ehsani Fatmehsari.

Students could find pictures and information about Iran outside the library as well as literature from Iran on display inside the library for the rest of the week.