Internship Taking Her to Japan

She is going to spend two months at the advanced textile development department at Toyota, in one of Japan’s biggest cities, Nagoya.

“I will be working as an interiors textile designer along with other interns from Europe. It will be very challenging and above all very fun.”

Exciting Culture

Sara Ribbenstedt was one of ten textile designers from the Swedish School of Textiles who applied for the internship. For her, the allure was in Japan’s culture, as well as new professional experience.

“In my line of work there are many interesting techniques that I want to learn. I am also looking forward to seeing what the design and manufacturing process at a company like that looks like,” says Sara Ribbenstedt, who previously did an internship at the design department at Åhléns.

“In the future I can see myself working in interior decorating or fashion. I am primarily interested in patterns, colour, construction and structure..

Soon Time to Leave

Toyota are sponsoring her flight and stay, as well as giving her a small reimbursement for the period. She is also given one week off.

“The first thing they said was that I should take the week off to have a look at the country, but I haven’t gotten so far as to thinking about that. I’ve hardly understood that I’m going to Japan,” she says laughing.

On the 27th of June Sara Ribbenstedt, who is in the middle of preparing for final exams, is taking off. She is at the end of her third year of studying textile design.

“The internship is a very good opportunity to obtain experience of the business. I hope I will have a good time and get fun assignments. Just going to Japan will be a lot of fun!”