Finally Competing on Equal Terms

According to material that has been made public, the government will propose that all seats of learning be able to grant doctoral degrees. There will also be a system for evaluation and quality control involved.

”The proposal is very beneficial to the University of Borås. We are preparing doctoral education in six fields. As the government is shifting its focus towards quality and strong research environments, I think we stand a good chance of competing for the endowments.”

Lars Leijonborg, Minister of Higher Education and Research writes in today’s Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s biggest morning paper, that there will be no new universities.

“The issue of labels is less important. What matters is the operation; that we can become a complete seat of learning with basic level education, research training and research. Through collaborations with universities we already manage quite elaborate research training. I’d like to quote what Minister of Higher Education and Research, Lars Leijonborg, says on DN Debatt,” says Björn Brorström:

“University colleges and universities are brought together under a collective system of financing. The old idea of research being conducted solely at universities will be perish. Quality will be decisive. Good research will be supported, wherever it’s conducted.”

The Government’s Press Release

A press release from the Ministry of Education and Research.

A lengthier interview with Björn Brorström is planned at the beginning of next week. It will be published on this website.