Hi there...!

Why did you come to University of Borås?

- My supervisor at Istanbul Technical University got in touch with Professor Mikael Skrifvars at School of Engineering and got to know about the equipment for polymer technology research here.

What is your project about?

- It is about producing nanostructured composite textile fibres. We try to obtain multifunctionality in one fibre, to increase the strength and to give the fibre conductivity.

You have been here for about six months. How did the project go?

- We got good results. It has been very effective to work in the polymer lab here. The system of the laboratory and the opportunity for me to use the laboratory has been very useful for the project in Turkey. The management of the laboratory is really professional. You get your material in short time and you can study efficiently here.

What is your impression of the University and of the city of Borås?

- The University is very well designed with a really good library. It has been a good experience to see the differences of the research between the two universities. Borås is a small, tidy city, you can live here very easily and can focus on your studies. At home you spend a lot of time on commuting. Here everything is close and you can be more efficient. I have also seen that everyone here, the staff members of the university, seem to like their job and carry it out with great pleasure. People are nice and very polite.