The Hearing of a New and Old Pro-Rector

Björn Brorström has held the position as University Pro-Rector since the autumn of 2006 and finds that it has been a stimulating and intense time with a lot of important questions to work and assume a position on.
“I feel that it is important that I get to continue to take part in strengthening the University and contributing to giving it good conditions for developing education and research,” he explains. The hearing is an important part of the process of appointing a Pro-Rector. Before the board decides upon the appointment, the opinions of the teachers, the other employees and the students are heard. They are welcome to submit written opinions as soon as the candidate has announced his/her candidacy and opened up for questions.

Positive Activity

During the hearing Björn Brorström gave his views on the operations at the University of Borås, focusing mostly on his main assignments. After that he was questioned about education, research, student influence, staff policy and cooperation for about an hour.
“The questions were good, and to me it was a positive activity which gave me the opportunity to reflect upon and elaborate on my ideas about the position the University finds itself in, as well as its development. I think it went well, but of course that’s up to other people.”

Important to Take Part

His desire to remain the University’s Pro-Rector is apparent.
“We are about to do several important things that we have created the conditions for, and being part of that phase is also important.”

There is no expressed limit to the number of terms a Pro-Rector can serve, but since the Pro-Rector is one of the Rector’s closest co-workers, their terms usually begin and end at the same time. On the 24th of April the board will decide if Björn Brorström stays on as Pro-Rector for the period from 1st of August 2009 until the 31st of July 2011.