Record Number of Applicants for the University

The Authority for Higher Education’s (the VHS) compilation of all (both web and paper) applications for courses and programmes for the spring term of 2010 has now been completed. A total of 194 293 people have applied for higher education. That means an increase by 13 % as compared to last year, when 171 801 people applied for the spring term of 2009. As usual, there are more women than men applying. Close to two thirds, or 63%, of the applications come from women. At the University of Borås that number is 84%, which is an increase compared to the spring term of 2009, when 78% of the applicants were women.

50% More Students

6 056 have applied for courses and programmes at the University of Borås, and 2 759 are first hand applicants. That is an increase by 50% compared to the applications for the spring term of 2009.

“The increase can be see as a result of the recession as well as of the fact that we have had youth generations of varying sizes in previous years,” says Lucia Monastyrski, application secretary at the University.

The most popular education in terms of the number of applicants is the nurse programme, followed by the preschool teacher programmes and the distance education librarian programme. Compared to the application statistics for the spring term of 2009 the distance education librarian programme has had an increase of 66%, the preschool teacher programmes have seen increases of 57% and the nurse programme of 53%.

Web Applications Most Popular

More and more of the applicants use the VHS e-service even though they can still use ordinar paper forms. During the height of the final night of applications, on the 15th of October, 105 applications per minute were made online. Web applications account for about 99% of all applications today.