International Students Urging for Courses in Swedish

This year, the University of Borås has a total of 149 exchange students and about 250 freemovers/master students. As the exchange agreement states that the exchange students are to receive training in Swedish, they are guaranteed places in the program, while others applying are admitted if there are free places. A new thing this year is that the University arranges three intense courses for Eramus students, before the start of the autumn and spring terms. In addition the University will give special courses in Swedish aimed at freemovers/master students and a course in Swedish for bachelor students at the new international programme at the School of Engineering.

“Over the past few years we have seen such long lines build up as soon as the international students arrive and we release information. I have had to apply to the principal about giving extra courses, but it still hasn’t been enough. That is why it is fun that we are able to provide special courses for freemovers/master students,” says Annika Malm, who is in charge of the EILC programme (Erasmus Intensive Language Courses) versus the International Programme Office, as well as for other courses in Swedish at the University.

According to her, the pressure among those applying has been greater at the University of Borås than at other seats of learning.

“It seems as though it is pretty unusual at other schools that the courses in Swedish are so popular among international students. An Erasmus students expressed his surprise ‘Imagine that the University of Borås accepted 45 students for their courses and the University of Gothenburg, which is such a large University, only accepted 15.”

Further information 

On the 7th of September 84 students enrolled on the three ordinary beginners’ classes and on the 8th of September two groups with approximately 50 people started the course for master students.