Student Does Exciting Paris Internship

How has it been?

“It has been very educative and exciting. You usually find Castelbajac’s creations in museums, behind glass in dark rooms. I am really pleased to be able to get close and examine these treasures,” says Marta Kisand, who is in the closing stages of her Paris internship.

Are you really looking at a fashion treasure?

“Castelbajac has collected over 5000 outfits. Each year he has saved a number of outfits from his collections, and there have been a few in his 40-year career.

There are pieces here from his very first catwalk. His early collections were more experimental than today’s, in terms of materials as well as patterns and designs. He has made dresses from twigs, vests from watches, a mushroom suit and the famous teddy bear jacket.

A lot of his work is interpretation of other artists’ work, for example a dress featuring the Mona Lisa. In several collections he has used images from the children’s book ‘The Little Prince.’ He has also worked a great deal with artist friends like Keith Haring. Several collections feature Disney character patterns. In the SS2011 collection Felix the Cat will be used.

It is so exciting to see Jean-Charles Castelbajac’s development from the establishment of the fashion house to today’s garments. Many ideas recur throughout his collections and it is interesting to see how the ideas are developed over time.”

As an intern, what do you do?

“Emelie (another intern from the Swedish School of Textiles) and I are creating a digital archive for JC de Castelbajac. His last archive was created in 1998. Since then the company has moved to today’s studio on Rue Vauvilliers. After the move a lot of clothes were out of order and we are now making our first digital archive.

We take pictures of the pieces and register them digitally. We describe the pieces, like what material and technique was used. In addition, we add themes, the item’s condition, what year it was made and for what collection. So far, we have registered 1600 items during just over two months. We hope that someone will continue the work we have started, because there are still a lot of pieces left to enter into the registry.”

Will you return to the Swedish School of Textiles?

“Yes, I have one year remaining of my master studies in Borås.”


Marta Kisand is a master student focusing on textile design. She was awarded the internship along with Emelie Johansson, who recently finished her studies at the fashion design program at the Swedish School of Textiles.