Cooperation with Coventry University

The School of Health Sciences had the opportunity to have Dr Tim Kilner from Coventry University as a visitor. Tim has great experiences from being a nurse in emergency care, paramedics and teaching at several universities in the UK. Tim’s thesis is about education in prehospital emergency care, especially ambulance care, and how to develop paramedics in order to shape the profession to be more independent.

At Tim’s visit at the School, discussions were held on how to cooperate on research projects and supervising doctoral students. Another aim of the visit was to establish an Erasmus agreement for teacher exchange to later include student exchange.

Tim Kilner also visited the ambulance services at the Southern Älvsborg hospital and followed two ambulance nurses in their daily work.

Below, Tim Kilner meets Björn-Ove Suserud, senior lecturer at the University of Borås, School of Health Sciences, and Lars Lundberg from the Armed Forces Centre for Defence Medicine, Gothenburg.