International Cooperation on Dedicated Educational Units under Development

November 4 – 5th, senior lecturer Kay Edgecombe from Flinders University visited the School of Health Sciences. During these two days, the School of Health Sciences presented the DEU concept via study visits at the educational wards and via workshops with clinical lecturers, lecturers, supervisors and doctoral students. 

Discussions were held on how to cooperate with Flinders University on the DEU concept in terms of research projects, teacher and student exchange. As a first step, Susanne Knutsson, clinical senior lecturer, and Christina Olofsson, clinical lecutrer, are visiting Flinders University two weeks in March 2011 in order to establish contacts for further work. The vice-principal at the Southern Älvsborg Hospital, Ingrid Rosengren, will visit the DEUs at Flinders University. 

At the same time, an international network for educational wards is about to be organised. As a first activity in this network, an anthology will be published where Margaretha Ekebergh, Professor at the School of Health Sciences, is one of the authors.