Nobel Prize exhibition in the Library

December 10 is the Nobel day, on this date the annual Nobel Laureates will receive their prizes at a grand ceremony followed by a glamorous banquet. The Peace Prize ceremony is held in Oslo, Norway and the other prizes are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you are interested in the Nobel Prize and the 2010 laureates – visit The award ceremonies will also be broadcasted live online.

The 2010 Nobel Laureates

Economic Sciences

Peter A. Diamond, USA
Dale T. Mortensen, USA
Christopher A. Pissarides, Cyprus


Liu Xiaobo, China


Andre Geim, Russia
Konstantin Novoselov, Russia


Richard F. Heck, USA
Ei-ichi Negishi, China
Akira Suzuki, Japan


Mario Vargas Llosa, Peru

Physiology or Medicine

Robert G. Edwards, UK