bX - Recommender Service

The bX Recommender is a new service that taps into the power of the networked scholarly community to generate recommendations based on article usage.  It represents the growing recognition of the importance of user-driven content and an important step in the convergence of Web 2.0 and the scholarly world. 

Focused solely on the scholarly domain, bX recommendations are based on actual usage data.  It is the first service to provide highly granular recommendations that point to specific scholarly articles.

Try bX by searching a subject in a database of your choice. Then click the SFX-button in the result list. Hopefully you find an article with the bX Recommendation in the SFX-menu. If not, use this link to look at a demo:
- Demo for bX Recommender Service (SFX-menu)

Read more about bX Recommender Service at Ex Libris website : bX Recommender Service: Overwiev