Swedish Heart in International Fashion Contest

“It feels a little strange going to the other side of the world to compete, but it is a magnificent chance,” says Emelie Johansson, who is looking forward to 2010iD Emerging Designer Award, an annual fashion contest arranged in connection with the country’s only fashion week, which is held between the 9th and 14th of March, in Dunedin, New Zeeland.

The five so-called outfits that will be shown by Emelie Johansson in New Zeeland are part of a collection she developed during the winter of ’09, in collaboration with textile design student Matilda Ekström. The collection was made for a project that was given its premier showing during the Stockholm fashion weeks. The starting point has been anatomy, and based on sketches of muscles and other body parts they jointly started experimenting with various fabrics.

“The materials have always been an important part,” explains Emelie Johansson and shows us a chiffon blouse that has been combined with a balloon-shaped skirt.

The whole collection has an organic expression with round asymmetric shapes all over, all flavored with a little humor. Their voracious ‘Muscle Jacket’ is bulky, but still follows the body’s lines. Emelie Johansson considers the competition valuable experience.

“I am excited to show my garments and compare them to those of others. It will give me perspective.”

During the first day of competition a jury will look at all the pieces on display and then the competitors will dress their models. On the following day the there will be a fashion show and a verdict from a jury followed by an awards ceremony. Three finalists plus two other laureates will get an extra chance to display their collections during the fashion week, at a bigger show.

“I am so proud to represent the School of Textiles and Sweden. I am going to enjoy showing the world what we do and can do!”