The programme he searched for was only to find here

Why did you choose to study at the University in Borås, Sweden?

-Actually it was the study programme that interested me. I looked for a BSc study programme in industrial engineering in other countries in Europe, too, but it was only here in Borås, Sweden, there was one offered that had English as the tuition language. I also wanted the new experience.

Have you studied abroad previously?

-Yes, I studied in Pakistan for three months and I studied on a diploma program given on distance at an Australian university.

What is your impression of the study program?

-So far so good. The teachers are very helpful and cooperative.

Are there any differences in the way of studying in Sweden compared to in your home country?

-No, there is no big difference, you attend lectures, get notes and attend exams.

Do you have any favorite place at the university?

-The library is a really nice place.

How do you live and what is it like?

-I live in a student room like many other students. It is OK.

What is your aim with the studies here?

-My aim is to finish here with good grades and then continue with a master education in industrial engineering.

What is your experience of Sweden so far?

-I have learned a lot. In Saudi Arabia I lived with my family and now I have to manage on my own. I have met new people and got many new friends, it is a new country and it is overwhelming. And I have seen snow for the first time in my live. A lot!

What does your family think about your choice of studying here?

-They are worried, but support me and think this is a good opportunity for me.

What is your dream after the studies?

-I want to start my own company from the ground and make it advance. I haven’t decided any special field yet, but probably I will work with export and import related to technical services, e.g. lead a team of engineers and provide services.

What is your impression of the city of Borås?

-It is a lovely small or medium size city. It is quiet, nice and green. The people are nice and the city is multicultural. I like that it is so small that you can actually walk across the city from south to north and west to east in a short time and you see a lot.

Do you have any advice to new students?

-I highly recommend you to study here. It gives a multicultural experience. Sweden is a country that has been taken care of, a place where they mind the buildings, the streets and the lightening. Don’t forget to bring winter clothes, a lot of it! Then enjoy. Prepare for a hell of a journey!

Have you seen anything else of Sweden?

-I have been to Stockholm and ended up in Helsingborg in the south of Sweden by mistake on my travel to Borås when I just arrived in Sweden. I want to go to Kiruna up in the north of Sweden, too, to see the midnight sun.


Name: Usman Hussain
Age: 28
From: Medina, Saudi Arabia
Leisure time: I study most of the time, the studies are so intense. But I also meet with friends, go swimming and go to the gym.
Favorite quotation: Follow your dream and don’t ever set up walls between you and what you want. Have faith in yourself!