MSc students celebrated at the School of Engineering

The head of the School of Engineering, Hans Björk, as well as the rector, Lena Nordholm, emphasized how talented the students are and how an exciting national mixture all the students have been, representing European, Asian and African countries. They wished all the students the best of luck in their future careers with great challenges to lay their hands on in the world and thanked them for choosing the University of Borås.

As a special guest Jenny Wulf from the West Sweden Chamber of Commerce and Industry had been invited. She challenged the student and asked what they want to do after their studies and pointed out that there are many ways to get a good job or even to create a business.



Honours for the best study performance

Linda Gustafsson, MSc in Industrial Engineering – Quality & Environmental Management
Sara Algestam, MSc in Industrial Engineering – Logistics Management
Patrick Gabrielsson, MSc in Electrical Engineering – Biomedical Engineering
Marzieh Shafiei and Abas Mohsenzadeh, MSc in Resource Recovery


On behalf of the Research foundation eLogistics and Demand Chain Management Professor Dag Ericsson distributed scholarships to:
Kerstin Jäger, MSc in Industrial Engineering – Logistics Management, SEK 10 000. 
Motivation: Kerstin Jäger has with enthusiasm and enterprise documented the distribution of the concept Demand Chain Management. She has described the development from both a theoretical and a applicable perspective and thus strongly contributed to the illustration of the vision “Science for profession”…


On behalf of Waste Recovery in Borås – International Partnership Mr. Olle Engström distributed scholarships to:
Ali Hashemi Geinani and Neda Haghayegh, MSc in Resource Recovery, SEK 1000 each.
Motivation: By gene technology the students have forced a fungi to produce ethanol instead of a mixture of ethanol and lactate. The students have succeeded due to a great deal of creativity and curiosity and a good cooperation between them.


Eniyan Jalendran and Sayed Javad Dadvar Baygi, MSc in Resource Recovery, SEK 1000 each.
Motivation: By gene technology the students have created a genetic stable bacteria which has the capacity to degrade keratine in chicken feathers from waste. The students have shown creativity, good team work and they never gave up in their attempts.


Parima Haji Karimkhani and Mitra Kaeni Moghadam, MSc in Resource Recovery, SEK 1000 each. Motivation: During their thesis work, the students have sorted and investigated municipal solid waste in Borås. They have during this work shown a good mood as well as a great deal of willingness to achieve a good result. The result will give a better understanding of social and cultural impact behind people’s willingness to sort waste and also has an impact to the future waste treatment in Borås.

Finally, the best poster presentation was composed by Rehan Ahmed, MSc in Electrical Engineering – Biomedical Engineering.

The MSc student Charlotte Asiedu got a heavy round of applause for a solo song.