Techtextil conference aim for this year’s female researcher

What did you think when you got it?

“I became happy, and I think this grant is a good way to encourage female researchers to promote their place in the science, and I think it is pleasant that the University of Borås has different occasions to show appreciation of the work done at the university”.

How did you use the grant?

“I used the scholarship to attend the 'Techtextil North America Symposium 2010 in Atlanta, USA'”.

What happened there?

 “I had an oral presentation in the section of ‘unique fibers and yarn development’ with the subject of ‘conductive poly-blend fibers for smart textile applications’. The symposium was held in conjunction with a trade exhibition where world leading companies presented their activities in the area of technical textiles including new fibers and yarn, sensors and fabrics products, R&D and technology, so I had this opportunity there to visit active companies in my research area, talk to their experts, and become more familiar with the industry needs and interests”.

How was your presentation received in Atlanta?

“The technical fiber and fabric companies showed interest in my presentation because in the market, still there is not any considerable conductive fiber based on polymers; it would be advantageous if we become able to replace the existing metallic and carbon yarns with the polymeric ones. One of the interested companies was a heating-textile manufacturer company in New York where they are currently using nickel-coated yarns for heating-garments and looking for new technologies”.

What was your experience of the conference and the presentation in Atlanta?

“As this symposium was held in conjunction with a trade fair, compared with the previously attended academic conferences, my special experience this time was that when you are researching on novel products or techniques, there is not such a long way to enter the market if you want to; because novel research subjects are the main factors determining the industry and market direction for the near future; of course one needs to focus on getting industry-friendly results, for such a goal”.

“I would like to add here, having this opportunity to research on novel subjects is very depended on the place where you chose to continue your study, specially your supervisor who has proposed the project, the available facilities, etc. These are things I am thankful for, at the University of Borås”.