Hints and Tips for Making It on to the Swedish Labour Market

For the third time Drivhuset and student services at the university, namely Susanne Håkansson and international coordinator Emma Bergstedt, host a workshop seminar for international students. Susanne Håkansson tells us that there are many questions about the Swedish labour market, which is why all those that are interested are rounded up for a meeting. The interest in the initiative was apparent.

“We get a lot of questions about how to enter the Swedish labour market, and then we are asked for tips on how to prepare for interviews and to write a CV,” she explains. To a large degree, this is about getting students to reflect upon their skills and market themselves in order for the employers to take interest in them.

The seminar was introduced when Lotta Lehikoinen of Drivhuset went through the rules and regulations pertaining starting one’s own business. She started off by asking questions about the expectations the students themselves had on the meeting, in order to focus on their specific problems. Drivhuset offers, among other things, free consultation to people with business ideas, and cheap office rooms for rent. A lot of students are unaware that support like that is available, even to those who are not Swedish. Lotta Lehikoinen also talks about how successful entrepreneurs have grown under Drivhuset supervision.

A Lot of Rules for Establishment

For those planning to stay in Sweden after their studies, there are plenty of things to learn before entering the labour market. Susanne Håkansson cleared uncertainties and gave advice on entering the labour market with less fuss. Emma Bergstedt, international coordinator, then spoke about what rules apply to work permits. Both said that if there are any further questions, the students are welcome to book a counseling session. Emma adds that the university uses its blogs to give the students important information about different ways in which they can enter the labour market and stay in Sweden.