Twice Over for Research Program in Textile and Fashion

“Another piece of the puzzle has fallen into place, in our strive to build the complete seat of learning,” says rector Lena Nordholm.
There was great joy in Borås on Wednesday as it became clear that the university had received more research program rights. This time around in the field of Textile and Fashion, which makes it the first research program of its kind in the country.
“We have been able to reach this goal thanks to our competent and committed staff, as well as our motivated students. That’s why we’ve been able to create a first-class research environment,” says Erik Bresky, prefect at the Swedish School of Textiles. At the same time he praises the university’s board of directors, which has created the conditions for the field of textile and fashion to profile itself and thereby create an internationally competitive environment.
Erik Bresky also emphasizes external financiers, such as the Foundation Föreningssparbanken and Vinnova, who have made it possible to build the research environment in textile and fashion and says that this has been of critical importance, which can also be said of the support for Smart Textiles from the Västra Götaland Region and the Municipal Association of Sjuhärad.

An Exclusive Crowd

Lena Nordholm says that the entire university can benefit from the two new rights, a general and an artistic in the field of textile and fashion.

“We are thereby able to deepen the cooperation between science and artistry.” Through these artistic rights the University of Borås and the Swedish School of Textiles are part of a very exclusive crowd. There are only three seats of learning with those rights today. It used to be reserved for Lund University and the University of Gothenburg. The two seats of learning that applied for the rights at the same time as the University of Borås, the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack) and the Luleå University of Technology, were denied.

Borås Will Be the First in the Country

HSV:s assessment says that the University of Borås will be number three in Sweden in graduating artistic education at the research level, but the field of textile and fashion will be exclusive to Borås. It is also unique to offer a research program with both a general and an artistic degree in one field,” says Agnes Ers, project manager at HSV.

Four Rights Today

The two new rights for the research program gives the University of Borås four rights in three areas. In June, the university received the rights to conduct research education in the fields of Library and Information Sciences and Resource Recycling. Recently, applications were handed in for rights in Teacher Training and Educational Work and for Integrated Caring Development. There are also plans for a sixth field: Trade and IT Services.

Ulrik Nilsson of the City of Borås, pro-rector Björn Brorström and Roland Andersson, head of the board at the university, said that the decision from HSV made the 27th of October a great day for the entire school.