Industrial Engineering with the World in Focus

In the field of Industrial Engineering at the School of Engineering at the University of Borås, a major step with particular emphasis on greater international cooperation, both in research and studies, is taking place. The first contacts were established with the State University of Santa Catarina in Brazil already a few years ago and now it is time to go one step further. The goal is to find ways for further cooperation and exchange as early as next study year both for students, teachers and researchers. In Brazil they show great interest in the Logistics research at the University of Borås. Therefore two representatives from the State University of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil have visited Borås.

Want to know more about the research in logistics

"They want to develop the logistics research at their university and they are interested in cooperating with us on all levels, including researcher and teacher exchanges. But we also want to take advantage of each other's contacts with large companies which are represented in both Brazil and Sweden, for example, Volvo and Electrolux" explains Roy Andersson, Director of Studies at the School of Engineering.

Dag Ericsson, Professor of Logistics, and Roy Andersson will soon travel to Brazil to present the logistics research, conducted at the University of Borås, in more detail.

"They are particularly interested in our research platform Demand Chain Management and the School of Textile Research platform in Fashion Logistics”, explains Roy Andersson.

A visiting professor from South Africa and two guest lecturers from Cuba also participated in the meeting, to discuss deeper cooperation in the industrial engineering area. This autumn they will teach students on the BSc programme Industrial Engineering - International Business Engineering.

Photo: Professor Dag Ericsson, School of Engineering, Professor Jan van Vuuren, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa, Julio Da Silva Dias, Santa Catarina State University, Rudjareet Pal, Master's student at the School of Textiles, Ana Julia Acevedo Urquiaga and Yinef Pardillo Baez, PhD, Cujae, Cuba, Jovan Medina Azevedo, Santa Catarina State University, and Roy Andersson, director of studies for the area of industrial engineering, School of Engineering.