Master Students get Degree Project Published in Scientific Magazine

What is your article about?

- Our article is about supply chain security and antagonistic threats in the transportation network. We connected the security strategies from the literature review and collected information from security business to suggest a suitable model of how to handle the risks and achieve security in a systemic and scientific way, says Dafang Zhang.

How come that you decided to go for publishing it?

- After writing the article we found the core idea interesting and valuable. We felt that it has potential to be developed. It would be nice if we can share our findings and thoughts with other interested researchers for further studies.

What is new in it that makes it interesting for a research magazine to publish it?

- The September 11 event made organizations interested in focus more on the antagonistic threats it encouraged them to make an effort to reduce supply chain vulnerability against this type of risks. In this case the role of security companies is noticeable. Our study focuses on how to handle these threats for a security provider. The map of security business and R&R model possibly are considerable for the journal and the security market, says Payam Dadkhah.

How do you feel about getting it published?

- I am happy and proud of it. It will be a good start for me to do more research or work on the supply chain security. The most meaningful thing is Payam and me becoming good friends and we had the best time working together. We helped, talked and discussed with each other, not only about the academic article, but also on our life and many funny, interesting topics, says Dafang Zhang.

- For me it is a good start and a great result for my studies at the university. I believe that this result comes from a great team work and I too am so happy to work with Dafang. We had great days, says Payam Dadkhah.

Uncommon for master students to get published

- It is not common that master students succeed in getting an article published, but these two students have done well in condensing the thesis work report into an article and to get it accepted, says the examiner Dr. Daniel Ekwall at the School of Engineering, University of Borås.

- The contents illustrate several aspects of a current research area, he says.

Title of the article for the Journal of Transportation Security:  
“How robustness and resilience support security business against antagonistic threats in transport network”

Title of the master thesis report: 
“Mapping the Business of Supply Chain Security against Antagonistic Threats in Transport Network”


Payam Dadkhah came from Iran to the University of Borås in 2008 and did first study the one year master program Industrial Engineering – Quality and Environmental Engineering. He continued on the one year master program Industrial Engineering – Logistics Management. Now he aims for continuous studies at doctoral level or a position as a researcher.

Dafang Zhang came as an exchange student from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China, in 2009 and followed the master program Industrial Engineering – Logistics Management. He currently studies at the University in Shanghai and will be graduated soon. When graduated he will try to find a job related to logistics or supply chain, or a doctoral position.