Hopes the royal visit can contribute to cooperation with Brazil

Professor Mohammad Taherzadeh - you are one of the people behind the Waste Recovery project. How do you feel about the fact that the Swedish King and Queen are coming to Borås tomorrow, to study the project? Are you nervous?

– No, I am not nervous at all. It feels great that the King and Queen want to observe Waste Recovery. This kind of attention will help the project to survive and grow.

If you get a chance to talk to the King, what will you say?

– Rector Björn Brorström will be presenting both the Waste Recovery project and The University of Borås. I haven’t planned anything specific to say but will be available to answer questions that might arise about the project.  

What does this royal visit mean to Waste Recovery?

– To get this kind of attention means a lot, both for the university and the city. It is especially fun when I think about how I and Olle Engström started the project in 2006. Back then nobody believed in it and now the King of Sweden is coming to Borås to learn more about it! I also hope that the royal visit might help us in our contacts with Brazil, considering the Queen’s connections. Right now we are negotiating with several cities in Brazil and at the end of September we are going to there to discuss two different projects within Waste Recovery.               

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