Stylistically sure-handed Borås student wins prestigious Nordic Award

- It is an acknowledgement of all the time I have put into this project, says a pleased Linda Larsson, who won DKK 50 000 and free exhibition room at two future fashion weeks in Copenhagen.

- Finally! says Pia Mowitz at the Swedish School of Textiles in  a comment to the event. She is the Assistant Head of Education at the Fashion Design program. She was among those who selected three of the Fashion Design students to represent Borås at the greatest fashion fair in Scandinavia, held in Copenhagen.

The design competition Designers’ Nest attracts design students from all over Europe and was concluded on August 5th. The winner was Linda Larsson, a Fashion Design student who graduated this spring. She competed with her collection “I married myself, I’m very happy together”. 

- The inspiration for the collection began in my interest for the various character traits coming together in a single person. The collection is a characterization of a strict and restrained side combined with a bold and extravagant side.

The different sides meet in the garments and they unite to form an asymmetrical whole. It is stylistically sure-handed and clean. On the one hand it is voluminous, on the other thrifty and minimalist. The interplay between form and material is important to Linda Larsson and her garments are made of wool, leather, cotton, silk and linen.

In addition to Linda Larsson, Clara Flygare and Maline Nordin from the Swedish School of Textiles also participated.

The picture depicts Linda Larsson’s collection “I married myself, I’m very happy together”.


Many talented students from the Swedish School of Textiles achieve great successes at the moment. Recently, Ida Klamborn won the “Italian Fabric Award” at the Italian fashion competition Mittel Moda and Josefin Strid was nominated “Rookie of the Year”.

Both Josefin Strid and Linda Larsson are participating in the exhibition performed by the graduating students from the Swedish School of Textiles this Thursday at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Stockholm. The exhibition takes place at Kungsträdgården. In addition, Josefin Strid has her own exhibition at Café Opera.