Welcoming our international students

International students were given the option to participate either on 23, 24 or 25 August. On 26 August a total of 200 international students participated in a gathering.

The introduction days before the start of the semester are mandatory for all new international students. It serves as a good opportunity for newly arrived students to receive information about studying in Borås and to meet fellow students. 

At the introduction days the students met several key persons from the University and received assistance in registration and other practical guidance. The international students also received a welcome package with many useful things, such a Swedish SIM card. 

During the two first weeks of the semester all foreign students have the opportunity to engage in social activities, as an introduction to the University as well as the city of Borås. The activities will include city tours, sports tournaments, a welcome dinner and a visit to the popular zoo.

- About 300 international students have been admitted, of which 133 are in exchange programmes. The majority of the exchange students comes from European countries but also from Asia, Africa and South America. 28 students of the so called freemovers come from outside the EU/EES, and have either paid tuition fees or received scholarships, says Emma Bergstedt, International Coordinator. 

Emma Bergstedt explains that the number of international students has decreased with almost 50% from previous year, as a consequence of the new payment requirements.