Research for Sustainable Solutions

Kayode Adekunle came to Sweden in 2005 to study at the Master's programme in Resource Recovery at the University of Borås. During his studies, the interest in sustainable materials grew stronger and with an impressive thesis as a starting point Kayode Adekunle was awarded a position as a doctoral student. After 3,5 years of research the doctoral thesis is now completed and has been posted on the birch tree in the library at the University of Borås.

The primary purpose of Kayode Adekunle’s research is that the production of composites of petrochemical products can be replaced with renewable materials.

- The positive effects of making composites from renewable materials is, that it reduces the negative environmental degradation of ecological systems that non-renewable materials causes, says Kayode Adenkunle. “In order to meet environmental goals and reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases a reduced use of non-renewable materials is required.

- Today's strict environmental goals makes the interest for my research area huge, says Kayode Adenkunle.

The renewable materials have positive environmental characteristics and could replace for example glass fibre, which makes them applicable within the industry and technology. Bio-based composites are currently used primarily in the automotive industry”, says Kayode Adenkunle. BMW, Ford and Chevrolet are companies that have the technology in their production.

For Kayode Adekunle’s research bio-based polymers have been produced and reinforced with natural and cellulose fibers. This compound has shown excellent properties, including its stiffness that is comparable to glass fiber reinforced materials.

- The technique is not suitable for outdoor environments where natural fibers absorb moisture. The production can therefore be developed”, explains Kayode Adekunle.

Kayode Adekunle is not yet sure if he will carry out further research on production. What is certain is that he will continue to teach and proceed his research career. For now Kayode Adekunle is looking forward to the dissertation and obtaining the doctoral degree.


Thesis: Bio-based Composites from Soybean Oil Thermosets and Natural Fibers
Doctoral student: Kayode Feyisetan Adekunle
Time: May 6, 2011, at. 10.00 hrs
Place: Chalmers, KE salen, Gothenburg

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