Correct e-mail address?

When you get your library card it is your student mail that is registered if you don’t ask specifically for us to use another e-mail address. You can see which address that is registered on you by logging in at - My loans and click the blue button View personal information.

If you don’t check your student mail very often (e. g. we suggest that you do one of the following things:

  1. Let us know if you’d rather receive these reminders to a different e-mail address,  contact or the information desk in the library
  2. Forward your google mail (student mail) to the e-mail address you are using, information on how to do this is found at googles help page.

By doing this you can be sure that all information reaches you on time and you won’t risk getting unnecessary invoices for overdue books.  Please note that it is always your responsibility to return your loans on time, the e-mail reminders is a service we offer to make this easier for you.

You can also log in to My loans to see your current loans.

Loan periods

Course literature – 14 day loan period with the possibility of renewal of books that are not reserved by others.

Other literature – 14-90 day loan period. This implies the following:
14 days is the guaranteed loan period but it is possible for you to keep the book for up to 90 days as long as no one else requests it. If the book is requested your loan period will be shortened and you will be notified about this via e-mail. Thus, it may be that you just get to keep the book for 14 days. 
90 days is the maximum loan period and no renewals are possible after that.