Enlightened Superhero

“We have designed a dress that will look innocent, but is capable of surprising through its built-in hidden effects,” says Ruben Buendia.Along with electronics PhD students Javier Ferreira and Ruben Buendia, they developed a concept where electronics have been integrated with textiles. They are inspired by biomimicry and call them selves ‘Saturday Light Fever.’

“If our ‘innocent girl’ in her white dress is attacked she squeezes the knitted conductive textile circuit, which sources the arduino programming.  And the entire dress then lights up brightly and scares away the attacker,” says Javier Ferreira.

During the conference – which was about integrated art and design among other things – they were given very good feedback from other participants.

“It was a good experience to meet people of different backgrounds,” says Evelyn Lebis, who inititaed the project.

Even though they did not win, they are pleased with their project which was granted an honorable mention for execution, and financed by Smart Textiles Design Lab.

“We enjoyed working across traditional disciplinary lines. Maybe we should do that more,” says Laura Clausen , and gets agreement from the others.