Major changes concerning the premises of LLR

The biggest changes will be seen on the entrance floor. During the Summer parts of it will be rebuilt into a lounge area. All books that now are shelved on this floor will be moved to the other floors. The information points will be moved to a more central position on floor two. Also the systems for checking out and checking in books will be modernized by a change into RFID technology. The returning of books will now be possible 24 hours a day. The searching of LLR’s information resources will also be subject to changes and a new so called discovery system is under way.

In order to prepare for the rebuilding during the Summer we will perform major changes during Spring. This may cause disturbances and books may have been moved from their regular shelves.

Here you can see our plan for the changes up until the Autumn term of 2011 starts:

  • Weeding and some reshelving of books will take place during March and April
  • All physical material will be given RFID chips during May
  • The books now shelved on floor two will be moved during June
  • During July/August, the final necessary changes for building the lounge and installing the automatic borrowing and returning equipment will be made.

We apologize for any inconvenience that may occur during the period of rebuilding. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or comments!