Ambience’11 opens

– Ambience’11 is an exciting mix of scientists, artists, designers and innovators from all over the world coming together in Borås to present their projects, exchange experiences and inspire one another, says Agneta Nordlund Andersson, Organizing Committee Chair for the conference.

The curated exhibition at the Museum of Textiles History, where participants are given an opportunity to display physical objects, adds a new dimension to the scientific conference.

– The exhibition differs from a traditional conference. It is more of an experience, since it is possible for visitors to interact with many of the objects. 

Times and places
The opening of the exhibition and the conference: Sunday November 27th 6 pm at the Museum of Textile History in Borås.

Conference November 28-30
The Pulsen building, Nils Jakobssonsgatan 5, Borås

Exhibition: November 27-30
The Museum of Textile History, Druveforsvägen 8, Borås