Fighting spirit strong in Bangkok

– The east and west parts of Bangkok have been sacrificed to save the center. It is from there that everything is controlled and a flood there could cripple the entire country. Centre is now therefore surrounded by 1-2 m high embankments. But when you went from the airport you could see how flooded it was in the other parts of the city.

AIT and the University of Borås are close partners and former university rector, Said Irandoust, is now president of AIT. Roy Andersson describes a school where chaos lives next door with rigid fighting spirit.

– One often emerges from a crisis stronger. People I've met says, and clearly shows that "we can do it." We, at the University of Borås, must now show our support. When I got there, they were very happy – just by the fact that I was there.

The most important thing now, according to Roy Andersson, is that any further assistance to the AIT should come soon. The university is dependent on money for the students coming in – therefore it is important that students receive their education.

University of Borås is helping
Under these circumstances, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is applicable. This means, basically, that organizations also have a social responsibility. An added bonus for companies that apply CSR in their business is that their brand is strengthened. In this case it can be said that the University of Borås, as partners of the AIT, have a responsibility to help this university.

– We have said that we can help them with some teaching, says Roy Andersson, so we will probably send two teachers to supervise a course.

AIT's campus is temporarily moved to two other universities. There, all the teaching for all AIT students (and students from the University of Borås) will occur for the nearest period of time. Today, all of AIT’s staff is squeezed into four classrooms. Research can be performed - as long as it does not rely on equipment.